Watch Apple's iPad Mini Video with All the Details on the New Tiny Tablet

Here's Apple's video breakdown of its new iPad Mini. It's all the stuff you expect from an Apple video—white backgrounds, impressive engineering details, Jony Ive saying al-oo-min-ee-um—and gives you a pretty up close look at the new tablet.


This time around, the engineering isn't as impressively explains as in the iPhone 5 version, but it's probably safe to believe Ive and hardware SVP Dan Riccio when they say it was really damn hard to build. So while you won't get an idea of what the lower-res-than-the-Kindle-Fire-HD display actually looks like from the video, you can check out the new design, and other stuff like the new Smart Covers.


Bs Baldwin

"We don't use scaled up apps". Well yeah, you just scale them down from the 10" ipad. That statement is about as dumb as saying my 100 mph pitch is what we call a fastball, it isn't a change up.