Watch Every Cyber Attack in the World in Real Time

Kasperkspy Labs recently launched a beautifully terrifying interactive map that shows online threats arounds the world in real time. In practice, it's a global visualization of cyber attacks that, Kaspersky hopes, will motivate you to buy their security software. But it's still a hell of a spectacle.


The interactive is also informative. The data displayed on this War Games-style map all comes from Kaspersky's malware monitoring software, which could skew things a bit. The United States, for instance, is an especially high risk area—it's the fourth most popular target for malware—but Russia is the most infected country. Russia also happens to be Kaspersky's home country. The different colored lines that connect attackers and victims represent different kinds of attacks, a feature that should help you decide how to protect yourself.

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Inevitably, watching these attacks play out in real time will leave you wondering how secure your own computer is. And for that task, Kaspersky has a handy button that asks "Am I Infected?" that will lead you to a page where you can try out their security software. Just don't forget that you have plenty more options for cybersecurity, some of which are totally free. [Kaspersky via Motherboard]



Buying security from the Russians? That's like buying "protection" from the mob.