Watch Google Spill the Latest Details On Its Modular Phone Right Here

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Google's second developer conference for Project Ara, its futuristic modular phone initiative is happening right now in Mountain View. There's going to be a repeat of sorts in Singapore next week, but no matter where you are in the world, you can watch it on YouTube. Right now.

Just in case you need to catch up a little bit, Project Ara is getting pretty real. Google is expected to announce the third design "spiral" at the Developer Conference, and it's possible that a consumer-ready version will follow soon thereafter. Either way, prototypes have been in the wild for a while now, and the military is getting very excited about the possibilities of Google's cheap modular phone. (Read that as: Google could get some government contracts.)

Of course, this is all assuming that Google's made as much progress as they should've. We'll know soon enough!

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I don't see the appeal of this idea. Is there specific high-cost component that has significant longer utility/life relative to most of the other components? To me, it seems the current option-ability of phones today is sufficient.

I get specialization for specific government/business applications but does economies of scale still not apply?