Noah genesis sequence mixes science and religion into a pretty tale

Everyone has their own beliefs so I don't care if you side with science or put yourself to faith or are too lazy to think about it, that doesn't really change anything here. Just enjoy the beautiful sequence in this scene from the movie Noah about the creation of Earth. It tells the story of how life was created inserting science into the tale of the Genesis.


Obviously, the faith part weighs heavier since it is a movie about Noah but it's a pretty ride no matter what your thoughts are on the matter—even if it really makes no sense. After all, it's a Hollywood movie.

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I think some people in the scientific community here are asking more of this clip than it intended to show. It's not supposed to be super scientifically accurate, this is like an artist's rendition of scientific fact.

Likewise, I know many friends in the church who will freak out at the idea of evolution being put into their scripture. It's funny because I try to point out that creationism as it is today isn't in scripture either.

The truth is, when Genesis was written we had no concept of science at all. What they did have were religious systems. Genesis 1 isn't supposed to be used to refute or support science because when it was written that wasn't on the table. The original readers would have understood that to be less about "how" God created and more about "why" God created and "who" created in the first place and contrasting those teachings with all the other creation stories of the day. Looking back at it Genesis 1 and how it was written and saying that in order for it to be true it has to fit a scientific or anti scientific viewpoint is like looking at the phrase "bread and circuses" and saying in order for that to be true the Romans had to have have clowns under big tops handing out baguettes.