Watch Ryu From Street Fighter Become a Power Ranger in This Bizarre, Official Short Film

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I have no idea what I just watched, but I am incredibly delighted nonetheless.

The Power Rangers mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy War—in which you can pit rangers from across the series’ 25-year history in sidescrolling fighting game action—is currently celebrating a crossover with Capcom’s iconic fighting game series Street Fighter.

In the game, you get the chance to recruit the likes of Street Fighter heroes like Cammy and Guile to do battle with your Power Rangers favorites. Out of the game? Well, you can watch this absurd and wonderful short film, made by Bat in the Sun for the game.

It’s basically a shortened episode of Power Rangers—with all the expectations of dodgy acting and rad fighting that entails—in which Ryu and Chun-Li, two of Street Fighter’s most beloved heroes, meet up with the original Green Ranger Tommy Oliver and Megaforce’s Gia Moran (complete with Jason David Frank and Ciara Hanna reprising their roles) to battle the suitably hammy M. Bison.


Oh, and Ryu becomes a Power Ranger, getting his own “RyuRanger” suit that he still wears his bandana over. It’s silly. But it’s also amazing.