Watch the Actor Behind Back to the Future's Biff Utilize His Fame in a Fascinating Way

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Back to the Future fans know that Tom Wilson is the white whale of the franchise. Wilson played Biff, in multiple versions over three movies, but prefers not to talk about it or participate in any Back to the Future events. Instead, he channels his experiences into other outlets, including a new, pretty surprising one.

Most of the time, Wilson is a comedian, traveling the country, performing and addressing all of the Back to the Future questions with a funny song or handout. Last year, though, as the rest of us celebrated the 30th anniversary of the franchise, it seems Wilson began analyzing his fame through painting.

Specifically, emulating the pop art movement of his childhood. The works of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and others. Wilson takes his own face and puts it in familiar constructs to make us think about what fame means, what pop culture means, their effects and more. Check out the video:

You can see all the work on Wilson’s site, linked below.

[Tom Wilson via /Film]