Watch the Most Pants-Wetting Moment From the Claustrophobic New Movie Air Right Now

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Norman Reedus volunteers to test out a cryogenic suspension chamber—only to find out that it’s not just like going to sleep regularly—in this clip from the new movie Air. This is one of the most terrifying moments in this post-apocalyptic movie, and we’re presenting it exclusively at io9. This moment made me lose my shit when I saw the film a while back.

In Air, there’s been a catastrophe, and the surface of the Earth is no longer habitable. A ton of genius scientists are in cryogenic suspension inside an underground facility. But to keep the facility running, two long-suffering maintenance workers (played by Reedus and Djimon Hounsou) have to keep waking up every six months to check on them. It’s a very intense, claustrophobic thriller, in which the horribly broken life-support systems inside this base threaten to kill these two poor saps at any moment... if they don’t just lose their minds first, that is. Air is produced by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), but it’s actually directed by Christian Cantamessa and written by Cantamessa and Chris Pasetto.


Air comes out tomorrow in select theaters and on demand—and you can see our exclusive interview with Reedus about the film here.

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