Watch the Movie References Used by The Simpsons Side-By-Side with the Actual Scene (NSFW)

Celia Gomez edited scenes from The Simpsons side-by-side with the movies those scenes are paying homage to and it’s just so much fun. We get to see how the hilarious animators of The Simpsons have repurposed and refashioned those iconic movies to be set in Springfield. That means seeing our favorite characters on The Simpsons turn into set pieces on movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark or become Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct or see how two cupcakes can be creatively used to recreate a NSFW scene in The Clockwork Orange.

Basically, if you like The Simpsons or enjoy movies or require oxygen to power your body, you’ll love watching the video.


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ally micklegammit

Note that most of those clips are from the first 5/6 years of the show. As in when it was still brilliant. Now it’s not even watchable. But once upon a time, it was a genius show.