Watch the Roof of a Stadium Collapse While People Are Still Inside

Don't worry, you can watch the video because no one was hurt in this freak accident. It's crazy, a youth hockey team in Slovakia was actually practicing in the hockey rink as the arena's roof came crashing down.


According to reports, the roof of the newly opened rink collapsed because of the weight of the snow (not unlike what happened to the Metrodome). It's so scary, you can see the ceiling bend and eventually cave under the pressure. However, it seems like everyone took their time running away from the crashing arena (until things really started getting rolling at least), RUN FASTER YOU FOOLS. Thankfully and miraculously, everyone is okay. The coach should probably teach everyone to skate faster though. [Telegraph UK]

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They should start making these arenas pointy on top, so they don't collect so much snow.