Watch These Nimble Robotic Arms Perform Surgery On A Grape

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Robots are poised to revolutionize surgery, as demonstrated by this astounding—and even touching—promotional video showcasing the da Vinci Surgical System as it sutures a damaged grape.

There’s a reason these robotic arms’ actions look human-like. Though it’s referred to as a robot, the system can’t move or operate autonomously; a surgeon is 100% in control. The technology is designed to expand a surgeon’s capabilities and make operations less invasive.

Unlike humans, these robotic hands aren’t shaky. The company that designed the system, Intuitive Surgical, says they’re also more flexible, allowing them to fit through smaller incisions.


The jury is still out on whether robot-assisted surgeries are more effective than ones performed directly by human hands. What’s more, there are some serious liability issues to be sorted out before these systems get rolled out en masse.


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