Watch This Poor Bastard Drown Every Single iPhone in Failed Experiment

You can tell Zach Straley means well. The apparently wealthy YouTuber won millions of views when he showed how an iPhone 6s was surprisingly waterproof. Surely scaling that concept up and water testing all 10 iPhone models would win more 10 times that many views…


LOL nope.

The test was supposed to be simple: Attach one of every single iPhone ever made to a board with a hot glue gun, start the timers, drop iPhone-laden board into bucket of water, watch what happens. The result: All of the phones die glitchy, watery deaths. The lesson: Don’t glue your very expensive smartphone to a board and drop it in a bucket of water—and definitely don’t glue 10 iPhones to a board and drop it in a bucket of water.


GIF by Andrew Liszewski

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This is exactly how the Illuminati work Adam.

You posted it saying the poor guy got no views and now hes going to get views, which is what he wanted you to believe in the first place.

Conclusion = Illuminati.