Watching a Hummingbird in Slow Motion Is Still Pretty Majestic

Slow motion was invented to capture every single thing in slow motion. Explosions, cheetahs, robots, people and of course, hummingbirds. The detail you see in slow motion is always better than real life. What's amazing though is that even when you slow down a hummingbird, those damn birds still seem fast. But ticking down those wings for just a little bit brings out something new in them. They look so graceful!


Bruce Douglas Johnson shot the footage of hummingbirds in a feeder with a RED Epic-M at 225 FPS. [Bruce Douglas Johnson]


That is one heck of a packed feeder. Around our place we have a pretty dominant male who only lets a couple of females feed at a time at the one we have at our house. He chases all other comers off with little angry chirps. It's pretty funny to watch, because he looks like he expends a lot of energy just chasing away other dudes, when there's more than enough for everyone.