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Watching This Nostalgia-Filled Acid Trip Hurts My Brain, and I Can't Stop

Nostalgia videos, smashed together amalgamations of our childhood entertainment, are almost as numerous cat videos and head-scratching Donald Trump tweets. But you’ve probably never seen one quite like this—an 80-minute “mixtape” that traipses through the pulpy, dark, and psychedelic moods of 80s and 90s entertainment.

Split into two sides with a 15-minute intermission or sorts sandwiched in between, “Megaplex” by Smash TV is another installment of the brain-melting chaos it’s very well known for. You can get the entire track list and mix from the Smash TV Vimeo page.

[Warning: The creators mention that this video could induce epileptic seizures. Take that shit seriously! Also some scenes are NSFW!]


The source material goes all of the place. I spotted some Secret of Nimh, Akira, Predator 2, Total Recall, and lots of sci-fi/horror b-movies that my cinemaphile friends will no doubt enjoy. I’ll admit at first I wondered about the point of all this visual chaos. I still don’t think I really know, but regardless—I can’t stop watching.


[Smash TV via AV Club]


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That video is just a nostalgic orgasm of clips from my’s awesome.