WaveBox Car Microwave for the Larger Pimp My Car Crowd

Every car purchase we've made over the years has been kind of a settle. That's because despite intensive car shopping, we've never been able to find a vehicle with a microwave inside. WAVEBOX TO THE RESCUE!


With the WaveBox, we're free to microwave popcorn, hot dogs, or even a steak no matter where we are. And best of all there's going to be no popcorn smell, because we can just roll down the windows! Thanks WaveBox! Where do I send my check or money order?

Product Page [Wave Box via Book of Joe]


Says it's 660w in 110v AC mode but only 175 through the car. Wouldn't that make it's cooking time almost painfully slow if you're on the job? I do like the idea though. Personally, when plowing or working in the cold it would be nice to heat up some coffee or food on the go, and get a tan!