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Wayward New Zealand Penguin Might've Been Chomped by a Killer Whale

Illustration for article titled Wayward New Zealand Penguin Mightve Been Chomped by a Killer Whale

Of course the little infidel is lost again. Just a week after being shoved out a boat and forced to swim all the way back to Antartica, Happy Feet the penguin's gone off the reservation, and his satellite tracker's dead.


The transmitter stopped sending signals on Friday, and there are only really two possibilities here: Either the device fell off or the little Lilliputian interloper found his way into the belly of a sea predator.


While experts think it's unlikely that he'd run into an orca or a leopard seal, they'd also be surprised if the device fell off since it was attached to his feathers with... wait, super glue? Apparently it's commonly used in tracking penguins, and it shouldn't have fallen off until he molted in a few months, but it's been known to happen.

Look, I'm with you: I love when adorable, globally-beloved animals get eaten by large creatures of the sea. But super glue won't even keep my bedroom shelves together, and they wanted it to hold this transmitter in place on a swim to Antartica? Nothing to see here, folks; the little jerk's probably sipping frozen herring cocktails in the Bahamas by now. [Stuff via Daily What]

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Why couldn't they give him/her/it a ride back to Antarctica? Or is that "unnatural"?