We Did It! Adorable Kid Reunited With Stolen Superhero Backpack and PSP!

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Remember that totally adorable kid who had his superhero backpack (and his Halloween candy and PSP) stolen last week? Remember how you saw him and hoped that somehow, someway he'd be happy again? Well he IS, thanks to the internet!

Thanks to the internet and Jimmy Kimmel, that is.

According to Kai's Dad, the combined internet firepower of our Gizmodo post and a similar thread on Reddit helped bring the backpack theft to the attention of Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel had Kai on his show via sattelite earlier this week and bestowed him a NEW superhero backpack (just Spider-man, though, no Thor, Wolverine, or Iron Man), as well as a PSP, some candy, and a huge NERF gun. YES, yes, yes. What an excellent resolution to this saga! Good work, internet!