We say hell yes to this Knight Rider movie with Danny McBride

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Finally a Knight Rider remake we can get behind. Chris Pratt and Danny McBride could be teaming up to bring back the series all about some bro and his talking car. Love it.

Schmoes Know is reporting that Chris Pratt and Danny McBride are in talks for a Knight Rider remake. They go on to speculate that Pratt is being looked at for the lead of Michael Knight and McBride would be voicing the car KITT. YES. YES. YES.


Before you roll your eyes and say it's too cheesy, we would just like to remind you of the very well remade 21 Jump Street. Knight Rider has self-aware humor written all over it, plus McBride and Pratt together? That's something we're pretty excited to see. And it can't be worse than the recent Knight Rider TV reboot.