Thanks to Batman, Daredevil, and a slew of other grim looking dudes with a desire to punch people, Kevlar has a reputation for being amazing body armor. But real Kevlar body armor tends to be super thick, bulky, and limited to torso protection. For a less chunky option, there’s Walls outdoor wear, which uses Kevlar weaved in with traditional fabrics to make it more durable.

Naturally we had to see how durable, so we tested a Walls jacket’s ability to protect your extremities from knives. Obviously we weren’t going to test this on a real human, so we dressed up some bullet gel, which does a nice job of mimicking the consistency of flesh.


Our big takeaway from the endeavor? Five-percent Kevlar is not nearly enough to protect you from a stabbing, but it might be enough to keep you safe from a quick slashing or two.

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