Wearable Wrist Computer From 1984

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Take a gander at the Seiko UC-2000. This is how far we've come in 22 years. Compare that monster with the Zypad WL 1000, which has WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Linux/Windows CE. The Seiko, well, we're lucky if it tells the time correctly.


A wrist watch with computer [AVING]


Oh my.. I had one of these, in fact I had the "deluxe" kit which included the watch, the UC2100 and the UC2200 terminal which had a "rom pack" slot AND a small printer. I don't think I ever got it to do anything useful, but it sure was the geekiest thing around back then... It ran BASIC apps and entering them was an absolute nightmare. I only once managed to get a small app running, after what seemed like days of typing :)