Weird CES Booths, Ranked

If you can't get an 8K TV or a giant curved screen, you have to get creative with how you'll draw eyes to your bland and unremarkable booth. Here are some of the attention-grabbers I saw at this year's Consumer Electronics Trade Show, ranked in order of appeal.

Dead last: Sad Elvis


Because nothing screams "security" like a man impersonating the most famous person to have died on a toilet.

4. This modest and heartfelt sign

Aren't we all?

3. R2D2


It's no ball droid but I'll take whatever astromech I can get. It's weird that he was pimping SMS Audio (what happened to 50 Cent? Why do robots need headphones?) but I liked it.

2. Queen of the Uncanny Valley


Toshiba's communicate Android has a wide range of emotions. You can tell because she explains it to you in awkward monotone and with surreal, disturbing gestures! It's Polar Express in real life, which is not something you wanted even if you thought you might.

1. This Chicken (or Duck?!) Monstrosity (Update: It's a Duck)


Standing ominously between two booths, seemingly associated with neither, I think this bizarre and horrifying chicken is the most enthralling thing I saw at CES. And, if I'm being honest, the entire reason for this list. I just could not stop staring at it. At least until I thought I saw it move at which point I could not stop staring at it fast enough.

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Top image by International CES

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