Well Of Course This Pastafarian Wore a Pasta Strainer in His License Photo

Atheists everywhere (well, in Austria) can rejoice. After three years and medical testing to prove his sanity, Niko Alm just received his driver's license. All that just so he could wear a colander on his head for the picture.

Alm is a proud member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or, rather, he's a regular atheist who likes to poke gentle fun at religious types by insisting there's a giant pasta being watching over us from on high. He noticed that headgear was only allowed in license photos if they were for religious reasons. So! Naturally, he insisted his metal strainer hat was a requirement for his faith. What could the Austrian police really do to him?


Well, they kept him waiting for three years. Alm was patient, though, and he finally got the license nice and official. The next step: Turn Pastafarianism into a recognized religion. [BBC via BoingBoing]

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