We're Hiring: Science, Tech and Internet Culture Writers

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Are you a writer who is obsessed with science, technology and/or internet culture? Then Gizmodo and io9 want you! We're hiring staff writers for both sites.


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Gizmodo and io9 are collaborating on a new project called the Future Initiative, which brings together a handful of sites — from Giz and io9 to Sploid, Earth & Space, Paleofuture and Indefintely Wild — that are obsessed with tech, science and the world of tomorrow. We're trying to build a habitat for slipstream journalism that combines speculative wonder with skepticism and hard truths.

And we want you to join us.

Job Openings:

io9 is seeking a science writer, who can cover breaking science news on a daily basis, in a fun, engaging fashion.

Gizmodo is seeking (1) a science/tech reporter to cover breaking news and write thoroughly researched explainers; and (2) an internet culture reporter who can cover everything from Netflix and YouTubers, to weird stuff on obscure message boards and social networks.

All jobs are full time staff writing positions, with a benefits package for workers within the U.S. But that doesn't mean we prefer U.S. workers — you can be from anywhere. These jobs do not require you to be physically located in any specific place, as long as you have a high speed internet connection and are able to work during daylight hours Pacific time.



To be considered, job applications must be submitted by midnight Pacific time, March 18.



You should have at least two years' experience writing for online publications, and have clips to prove it. You should be willing to write several posts per day, and produce high-quality, original material in a timely fashion. And you should be able to come up with your own feature ideas, and develop them from pitch to completion. Most importantly: You should be immersed in the worlds of science, technology and/or the internet.


If you're interested in joining the Future Initiative, write to FutureJobs@gizmodo.com. Please put your cover letter and resume in the body of the email, and include links to three clips on the internet. Let us know which job you are interested in. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY ATTACHMENTS.

Contact the author at annalee@gizmodo.com.
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Hahaha. Does commenting on io9 and Gizmodo daily count as writing experience?