This is some seriously weird shit, but I guess Avicii must be a fan of Pendleton Ward's online-only cartoon Bravest Warriors. Still, you'd think that since this is the official music video for Avicii's song "Hey Brother," someone would have actually put in some effort to make this good.


And frankly, it goes beyond being bad for how lazy this video is. It's like Cartoon Hangover, the YouTube channel that shows Bravest Warriors, just gave Avicii's people permission to use the episode and they didn't feel like changing much. It's almost literally just part of the episode "Sugarbellies" with some random shots of an animated Avicii waving his hand while on stage. Also sometimes his name flashes on the screen for some reason.

If anything this is mostly disappointing, because Bravest Warriors (and basically everything Pen Ward does) is a great cartoon that could use some more exposure. This, however, is not the way to go about it.


UPDATE: Apparently the folks at Cartoon Hangover only had two months to come up with this and wanted to, at the least, show the millions of Avicii fans who the Bravest Warriors are. So I suppose, under time constraints, it's understandable that they couldn't do much. It's still a shame considering they could have come up with something stellar given a realistic amount of time, but it is still important to get the word out.

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