What Does This Stealth Toothbrush Sanitizer Need To Hide From?

I understand that the use of angular contours and segmented body panels can help hide a stealth aircraft from enemy radar and detection systems, but I don't see what this toothbrush sanitizer needs to hide from. Aesthetically pleasing design maybe?

Using germicidal UV light this sanitizer can kill up to 99.9 percent of the bacteria and microscopic organisms piggybacking on your toothbrush after you've cleaned your teeth. A soft blue glow lets you know the $50 sanitizer is doing its thing, and when the kill cycle is complete the lights will turn off letting you know it's safe to brush again.


I do like that this particular sanitizer can accomodate two brushes at once, both manual and electric heads, and will slaughter bacteria for up to three months on a trio of AA batteries. But I thought our days of using the F-117 stealth fighter as a design reference were long gone. [UncommonGoods via GeekAlerts]

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