What First Got You Interested in Technology?

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In our "What Was It" series, we've been talking with notable people about what first piqued their interest in technology.

People like Steve Wozniak and Alexis Ohanian have shared what pushed them into this field. Last night, at the American Museum of Natural History, Neil de Grasse Tyson told us what got him hooked on space exploration.


These recent discussions have been illuminating, and we'd like to hear more on the subject from our readers. So what did it for you? A trip to a planetarium? A high school science teacher? Tetris?

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I think for me, it was for the most part, Runescape. As a child, playing Runescape was top priority, especially since my older brother wanted to play it too, so he pressured me.

But my dad was super scared we were going to just watch porn and find child molesters all day. So my dad had a password on the machine and would take the internet modem when he left to work. So i spent all my days that it was my turn to actually get on the computer, googling and figuring out ways to get around the ways he tried to keep me away from the internet. He kept trying new things as i got past the old, but he eventually admitted defeat.

Also, my computer was slow, i would spend 1/4 of my turn on the computer just waiting for it to start up. So back to google i went, looking for ways to speed it up.

Also, Gizmodo played a huge part of my quest for technology. At 7th grade when i got my first phone with Wi-Fi capabilities. I would spend my days reading Giz, Io9, and Lifehacker. And since then i would never go to a phone that wouldn't let me access your sites well.