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What If the iPhone Got Invented in 1990?

Yesterday you saw the iPhone prototype with secret messages, but here you have it in full video action. It's ultra fast, but it looks like if it was designed in the 90s. By Jean-Luc Picard.


I like how the matte screen looks. And definitely, I love how fast this thing is. The Interface icons are fugly, but the combination of colors and the rounded buttons remind me of the computer consoles in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not bad at all. Actually, someone should try something like that for real: A total ST:TNG makeover of the iPhone interface. [eBay via Nowhere Else]

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My favorite piece on the auction is the part where the seller wrote out that on the back of the iPhone it says that it can not be sold. Nifty. I am sure Apple will enjoy watching the bidding process on this and would never ask eBay to take the device off the bidding list since this is a great test to see how well the ST:TNG themed devices will sell.