What Impossible Pork Tastes Like

When Impossible Foods told me it would reveal a new not-meat product at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year, I was sure it was chicken. Chicken is so tasty! I was wrong. Impossible’s new thing is pork, and much to my surprise, it tastes amazing.


I should make it immediately clear that my first taste of Impossible Pork was prepared by a professional chef at a fancy casino. There were shumai and a curious take on a banh mi, and both were terrific. The fake-pork shumai, I thought at the time, tasted better than real pork shumai. The flavor was just as rich, but the Impossible Pork wasn’t as greasy as their real meat equivalents. Meanwhile, the banh mi didn’t quite taste like the trendy sandwich I’m used to but rather something new and different (and still loaded with cilantro).

Throughout this volley of taste tests, I was transported back in time to CES last year, when I first tried an Impossible Burger. That burger was also prepared by a professional chef, and it was also delicious. Yet there’s something different about the pork product, it’s as if Impossible has perfected its formula for faking that meat taste albeit in a different flavor. If the Impossible Burger tastes a lot like ground beef, I would almost argue the new Impossible Pork tastes better than real pork. Then again, my quick taste test was totally orchestrated to leave me walking away with this feeling.

So far, Impossible Foods hasn’t revealed exactly when its new pork stuff will make it into grocery stores. The company is still rolling out its consumer-ready version of Impossible Burger. That said, it is testing out a new Impossible Sausage product in select Burger King locations. If you do get the chance though, try that Impossible shumai. It might be better than the real thing.

Senior editor at Gizmodo.


I’m not opposed to this stuff but I don’t think the Impossible/Beyond burgers taste like beef. They feel like beef but the flavor is not quite there. Not bad if you coat it in enough stuff (norm for burgers in most places anyway).

If this pork-substitute is priced within reason I’ll be interested to try it. Pork can get greasy and, while that was nice when I was younger, I’m a little more averse to that sort of stuff these days.