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What Kind of Beach Uses 7,937 Umbrellas to Block Out the Sun? A Freaking Weird One.

Illustration for article titled What Kind of Beach Uses 7,937 Umbrellas to Block Out the Sun? A Freaking Weird One.

This is Haeundae Beach in South Korea. It's ridiculously popular with up to a million visitors per day. But the funny thing is, it's not the open sunny beach we know. Instead, it's lined with umbrellas to block out the sun.


Seriously, can you even be considered a beach when there's nearly 8,000 umbrellas lined up one by one, side by side and all next to each other? It's like one giant sun-hating canopy. According to the LA Times, one South Korean woman said:

"I love the water, but not the sun," said Kim Su-min, 29, who huddled under her umbrella wearing sunglasses, long shorts and a hooded sweat shirt, her ankles covered with a towel.


What the hell is the point of going to the beach without soaking up too much Vitamin D? And what the point when you have no where to play and frolick around? Where do people play catch? Build sand castles? Bonfire? Hit on hot girls? It looks more like being stuck in traffic than being on the beach.

It get's weirder too. There's green Astroturf walkways so women can still wear their high heels, pre-paid plastic bracelets so beachgoers can buy fried chicken without having to carry cash (I love that), security bracelets to keep track of kids and get this, even a Beach Zamboni to clean up the beach mess at the end of the day. Are you a beach Haeundae? I'm not really sure. [LA Times]

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My Vietnamese roommate hates being a tan; while he likes being outside he tries at all times to be in the shade. As I've been told it revolves around the idea that the paler you are the more distinguished you look. Something about harping back to times when lower class individuals were required to be outside for long hours of the day. While in college (majority Asian) you could usually tell how rich one's family was based off their skin complexion. Japan is one of the richest nations and its population has significantly paler skin than a poorer nation like China.

Second of all, just because there is a prevalence of umbrellas doesn't mean they can't build sand castles and play catch. The image above clearly shows tons of people in the water and outside their umbrellas. They just don't lay out in the sun, which in truth, isn't healthy to begin with.

Third, I was at a beach last month, in America, that had rows and rows of umbrellas just like this. The only difference is that the beach I was at didn't have a million people which allowed things to be more spaced out.