What to Expect From Apple's iPhone SE and iPad Pro Event

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Happy Apple day! According to the rumor mill, we’re getting two new gadgets today: a 4-inch iPhone SE and an 9.7-inch iPad Pro.


The new iPhone, which will probably be called “SE” for reasons still unknown, will reportedly be a throwback to the 5s with its manageable, 4-inch screen. But also expect some lighter specs. Unlike the iPhone 6s, we don’t think it will have a camera that supports 4K, and doubt it will have 3D Touch.

As for the upcoming iPad, we’re expecting a smaller iPad Pro that could be pretty cool. It’s supposedly similar to last year’s iPad Pro and sport the same Smart Connector to support Smart Keyboard. It might even work with the Apple Pencil.

Those are the broad strokes of what we know so far. But we’ll continue to post updates as we get closer to the March 21 event.

For our thoughts on what to expect check out the video below!


Mystical Cat

I find the whole 3D Touch thing baffling, and by baffling I mean Apple’s cash grab. I have a 6+ and having played with the feature on a friend’s 6s, there’s no reason why (other than the desire to sell new hardware) Apple can’t move the “long press to manipulate your icons and delete apps, etc.” function to a dedicated icon (or put the function in Settings where it really belongs), then make long/longer press do the same things as 3D Touch. This could work on any iPhone, and doesn’t require any special hardware.

Edit: And one more thing, what the heck do I gotta do to get out of the Grey Zone?