What Would a Sony Ericsson PSP Phone Be Like?

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Why is it that everyone is expecting non-phone devices to come out with phone iterations? I mean, yeah, the iPhone rumor ended up coming true, but does that really mean we want to deal with Zune Phone, PSP Phone, and Google Phone rumors for the next year? Aren't you people ever satisfied?!

Apparently not. I'm skeptical about Sony Ericsson making a PSP Phone just because Sony's been using the XMB interface on a bunch of different products, but Pocket Gamer went ahead and looked at the possibilities of Sony Ericsson creating a PSP phone, including a wish list of features. They've got some good ideas in there, but somehow missed out on the major point that Sony missed with the original PSP: good games. Oh, and make sure it can play UMDs, I'm beginning to think it was a bad idea to replace my DVD collection with them!


What would you want to see on a PSP phone?

PocketGamer [via Kotaku]

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Wow, a cell phone and a PSP in the same device? Two gadgets I have, often carry with me, but virtually never use for their intended purpose (making phone calls / playing games).

Seriously, I would not mind getting a PSP 2.0 that has access to the Sprint EVDO network and a keyboard (not touch screen — the iPhone concept of a keyboard seems ridiculous to me), and then I could use it for emailing and web applications. That is essentially what I use my PSP for, but with the WiFi connection I am limited in connectivity.