What's On Your Wish List For iOS 9?

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We’re less than a week away from Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference, where the company will likely (most definitely) announce its latest mobile operating system—which has been much more quiet compared Apple’s other announcements this year, and there’s a reason for that.

The lead up to Monday’s event has focused mainly on the new products Apple is working on, from Watches and TVs to music streaming. Meanwhile, iOS 8 has been absolutely plagued with problems—from bugs to the world’s collective harumph at how much space it took up on our damn phones. No one’s exactly waiting on iOS 9 with bated breath, but this is a huge opportunity for Apple to right a lot of wrongs.

With iOS 7, we got a massive UI overhaul. With iOS 8, we saw some new functionality, like HealthKit and Continuity, along with scores of problems. So, will iOS 9 contain multitudes of new features? Or will its biggest boon be fixing what’s broken, setting the stage for an even bigger change next year?


For the sake of wishful thinking, what would you ask for if you could corner Tim Cook for a few minutes? What’s the iOS of your dreams?

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