An app called that lets you lipsync songs is very popular amongst tweens and teens, and one of its stars, 15-year-old Jonas Bridges, went viral after making a music video with what appears to be his dying grandfather in the background.


Bridges has a very inspirational Instagram, clocking in at 471k followers; his brand is centered on dispensing messages of self-love. His About Me on his personal website reads, “My goal is to reach and lift up as many people as possible and let them know how important they are and that God made them beautiful both inside and out.”


According to a tweet, Bridges allegedly Instagram’d this regarding his grandfather’s health.

But the current caption of the Instagram the tweet is referencing simply reads: “Sitting here taking in all of this ❤️”


The main question on my mind is: what’s up with all of this?

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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