Let’s say you suddenly come into a ton of money and can only spend it on technology. What do you buy?

I’m accustomed to searching for bargains and the best deals where tech is concerned, but a girl can dream. My main crush at the moment is on Samsung’s upcoming Serif TV (no word on pricing yet, but it ain’t gonna be cheap). Phone-wise I’d go for megabyte broke and get the 128mb iPhone 6s or Galaxy S6. I’ve never had a truly nice camera; the Sony A7R Mark II would be mine. For travel (in my private jet, natch) I’d get the 12” MacBook in gold to match my newfound wealth, a Surface Pro 4, and maybe some Ultrasone Edition 5 headphones, because who doesn’t need $5000 headphones with moor oak earcups?


I haven’t even begun to splash out extravagantly, so help me out. What gear would you get if money is not an issue?