What's Your Earliest Memory of the Internet?

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Mine is specific: Laying in my bunkbed at night and hearing the crackling fuzz of the dial-up as my parents connected our brand-new internet in their office across the hall.


At least, that's what I think I remember—memory is nebulous, and it's entirely possible that we'd had internet long before. Either way, it's a very vivid memory of a very specific noise, which seems odd, as far as early childhood memories go. And it makes me curious: Do other people have specific memories of their first run-ins with the internet? Do you remember the first time you used it, or even heard of it?

Your answer will vary wildly depending on when you were born, of course, but that's half the fun. Share below.

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Strangely I have strong memories of dial up to BBS sites, downloading demo's onto floppy disc. I also recall the week that Google search went live and you could "Search the whole internet" in seconds and thought WOW!

I recall very little in-between, except that back then I lived in the UK and there was no such thing as free local calls, and knowing that my cousins in America could download all they wanted on their second house line as their local calls to their service provider were free.

I cannot remember the first true web site (not BBS) that I visited. It was probably AOL's landing page though..