When a Keyboard Loves an iPhone Dock...

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Jobs may've once called the iPhone a "computer for your pocket," but when it's docked to a computer keyboard it's more of a computer for your keyboard for your computer. If you catch my drift.

The WOWKeys keyboard is from Omnio,and has actually been Apple-certified so you can dock (and charge) with the quiet knowledge that Apple approves of you. Just like with ASUS' Eee Keyboard, the iPhone acts as a computer, so when the keyboard is connected to a Mac or PC by USB, it can be used as a trackpad, numberpad or remote. The keyboard has 15 keys dedicated to iPhone use as well, so you can skip songs, increase brightness and volume and so on.

You will of course need an iPhone to take full advantage of the WOWKeys keyboard, but unless it goes on sale outside of Korea, your hot little fingers won't be caressing the $105 slab anytime soon. [AVING via Engadget via WIRED]