When Can You Get All the Shit Apple Announced?

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Image: Screenshot

You won’t be able to get the new face-watching iPhone X until November, but you also won’t have to wait nearly as long for software updates to any Apple Watch, iPhone, or Mac you already own, nor will you have to wait as long for the new iPhone 8, Series 3 Watch, and Apple TV announced today.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the direct successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Only these units have wireless charging and improved cameras. They’ll both go on sale September 15 (12am PST/3am EST), and ship September 22nd.

The Apple Watch Series 3, with a cellular data connection, W2 wireless chip, and faster processor, also goes on sale September 15 and will ship September 22nd.


Same with the 4K Apple TV, the first Apple TV to hand 4K and HDR content. If you want it prepared to stay up late and pre-order September 15 with a delivery date of September 22.

iOS 11, which will include the cool ARKit, a redesigned Notification Center, and turn your iPad into a laptop, will be available September 19.

macOS High Sierra, the latest OS for Apple laptops and desktops, will arrive on September 25. It will be of particular interest too photographers, as the app Photos has seen some major improvements that make it nearly as good as pricier options like Adobe Lightroom or Capture One.


WatchOS 4 promises aren’t quite as exceptional to non-watch users, but improved heartrate monitor and fitness apps could let the Apple Watch continue to comepete against watches with far better battery life, like the new Fitbit Ionic. There’s also new watch faces to look forward to, including a super informative one based on Sirir. It will be available September 19.

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Can we get a speed comparison between the NEW Apple Watch vs the OG Apple Watch when the new one comes out?

Wondering if my Day 1 watch will start to feel long in the tooth with the new OS. I’m not sure if the new processors will actually be felt in real world use.