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When CGI Meets Ferrofluid, Things Get Weird

The magnetized liquid known as ferrofluid already looks like some kind of alien substance, but a design studio in Barcelona created a short video used this strange material along with CGI to create something that resembles a Pixar film you’d watch in hell.


According to its Making Of video, the team realized that ferrofluid when magnetized and shot with a macro lens naturally creates Nordic landscapes. The design team then used CGI to fill in the more detailed shots of a boat, cottage, clouds, and elk.


I’m hoping for a story-driven sequel. Nevertheless, the effect is gorgeous.


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This is not ferrofluid. In the description of the “making of” video, they spell out “ a photographic branding project for our website, using iron filings as primary material. But while we were shooting we realised that those images, taken with macro lenses, became kind of nordic landscapes.”

This is what ferrofluid looks like: