When Living Room Furniture Is Also Workout Equipment, It's Harder to Avoid Exercise

When your work-out equipment is all the way in the basement, or even just in another room, it's easy to dodge exercising. But when your fitness gear is right under your ass while you're lounging in the living room, you don't have much of an excuse any more.

And that was the thinking behind this transforming Panorama living room set created by a trio of design students from France. Sure, it saves some valuable floor real estate by merging everything together. But more importantly, it makes it damn near impossible to come up with excuses not to work out. The height of the footrests and seats can all be adjusted to facilitate a daily regimen of situps, pushups, and other routines.


It's almost like it gives fitness an unfair advantage over sloth and lethargy. But if we want to avoid a future as predicted in WALL-E, this kind of thinking could very well be our best bet.

[L'ecole de design via FastCo Design]

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