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This can't be good news for those of us who fantasize about driving the Skycar, flying over traffic and thumbing our noses at the rest of the world as we jet along at 500 mph. Alas, the Moller M400X Skycar Prototype is for sale on eBay, its owners saying they're trying to raise capital for the company. Although the reserve has not yet been met, the current bid is $1.7764 million.

Sure, this Skycar hovered a couple of times in tests, but it looks pretty shaky. You know something's fishy when the sellers are touting it as a "fantastic piece of aviation history." We're about as skeptical as Mike Elegan at Personal Tech Pipeline, worried that today's shitty drivers might be tomorrow's flying car pilots. Flying cars? When pigs fly.


Jump for the video of the flying car tentatively hovering, and look carefully for a little secret.

Check out the crane's safety line, holding onto this "flying car."

Sky Car - A Flying car you can buy for real.


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