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When Was the Last Time You Switched Cell Carriers?

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Everyone hates their carrier, right? That's just a thing. They're either so huge that you get ripped off and can't get any customer service, or they're so small that their service coverage is weird and their handset options are lousy. But it increasingly seems like there are viable alternative options. Like Republic Wireless's $20-a-month unlimited plan. It's actually solid and now the company is offering the Moto X. Is that tempting? Do you have some crazy grandfathered plan from the late 90s or do you move from deal to deal every few years? Jump ship or stay loyal below.


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Brent Rose

Good timing, Lil. After 13 years with Verizon my girlfriend and I just switched to T-Mobile yesterday. It was a big scary move for both of us (giving up our grandfathered unlimited plans). We'll see how it goes. There's no contract, at least, so we can always switch over to someone else if we don't dig it.