When Women Won't Love You, the USB Talking I Love You Mouse Will

Picture this, if you will. It's a cold winter night a few months from now, and a fierce wind blows frigid air against the windows. Inside, things couldn't be hotter. You've settled down for the evening with a chilled flute of Red Bull energy drink and a steaming Hot Pocket. The scene feels ever so close to perfection, but something's missing. Companionship. Intimacy. Love. So, you reach tentatively toward your mouse, which sits, silently, on its Star Wars mouse pad. Then you click. And click again. Faster now, until your USB I Love You Mouse cries out to the heavens, "I Love You!" You do this, unabashedly, for the next five hours, because that's what this $21 mouse does. It says "I Love You" every time you click the scroll wheel.


[Green House via Technabob]

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