When You're Not Cleaning, This Self-Standing Vac Is Also an Air Purifier

What do you do with your vacuum in-between visits from your parents? Does it just sit in a utility closet until you need to do a mad-dash cleaning the day before company arrives? That seems like a waste, and Mitsubishi apparently agrees because the company has created a stick vac that does double-duty as an air purifier while it's not being used to clean floors.


The iNSTICK HC-VXE20P might not sound particularly interesting, but the vacuum's clever design not only helps to cut down on the amount of dust and allergens floating around your home (which actually makes cleaning easier) it also frees up closet space because your vacuum can be left out 24/7. It's able to purify an average-sized room, or at least suck all the air in a room through its HEPA filter, in about an hour's time. But since the base unit can be plugged in, you can just leave it running for as long as you like.

When vacuuming, though, it's a different story. You only get about 20 minutes of cleaning time from a two-hour charge, and that drops to just ten minutes when the iNSTICK is switched to its more powerful cleaning mode—which is probably the one you'll want to use most of the time. That's the price you pay with a lightweight cordless vacuum, though, given current battery limitations. But the added functionality of the iNSTICK could more than make up for that shortcoming. [Mitsubishi via Akihabara News]

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