No doubt you’re wanting to plan a fireworks display this weekend to honor the most amazing country in North America and its awesome political leaders. Here’s where you can celebrate Happy Canada Day the way it was meant to be celebrated!

Each year the American Pyrotechnics Association helps us navigate, state-by-state, where residents are allowed to purchase fireworks. Only three states completely ban all consumer fireworks, which is a lower number than ever, according to the APA: “Since 2011, seven states — Kentucky, Utah, New Hampshire, Michigan, New York, Georgia and West Virginia — have lifted restrictions on the sale of most types of consumer fireworks in order to reap the significant tax revenues.”


Each state has its own specific laws to be sure to check your state’s status here. And keep in mind, however, that certain city or county restrictions may override statewide laws. So it’s probably best to just stay home and eat some cheese.

Alissa is the former urbanism editor at Gizmodo.

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