Whirlpool's MAX Microwave Looks More Futuristic than the Space Shuttle

Illustration for article titled Whirlpools MAX Microwave Looks More Futuristic than the Space Shuttle

Or at least it sure pretends to be! The rounded (in the rear) unit doesn't look like any microwave we've ever seen, owing mostly to its wonderful sci-fi form, but also that dubious under-lighting. Sort of Kubrick meets Vin Diesel.


Aside from its singular design, the MAX—which is so "limited edition" that there's no word on how much it costs or where you can buy it—may be the most buzzword-packed appliance I've ever seen. Behold its many meaningless features:


Why is steam in caps but not crisp? I'm not sure, but it has something to do with telepathy.

3D microwave technology: for heat circulation and perfectly even cooking.

Oh. Oh no.

Those trippy lights also serve to indicate which of the MAX's many cooking modes is currently in use, and will also make your kitchen look like a prom party bus. Still, lights aside, I love the look of this thing. Every single other microwave is a box. This microwave isn't a box. Why can't more microwaves not be boxes? Make fewer things boxes. [Whirlpool via Appliancist]

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Did you just call this machine "spherical"? It's a half-cylinder.