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With a breakthrough that will no doubt be lauded by every apartment dweller who has to trudge to a laundromat to clean their clothes, Whirlpool's new HybridCare Heat Pump dryer is actually able to recycle its own hot exhaust which not only makes it more energy-efficient, it also means it doesn't need to vent all that humid air outside. In other words, you can install it pretty much anywhere.


Using a built-in refrigeration system, the HybridCare Heat Pump dryer regenerates energy as it dries and reuses the moist exhaust that's usually just pumped outside through a series of vents. So it's not limited to being installed in a basement or a special closet with proper ventilation. Whirlpool also boasts the new HybridCare dryer uses a whopping 73 percent less energy on its Eco Dry setting than a traditional dryer, so it's not only easy to install, it could also save you money in the long run.

Available now starting at around $1,800, the HybridCare dryer also boasts intelligent sensors that regulate the temperature inside while your clothes tumble to ensure they're not accidentally nuked, as well as a Speed mode that takes less time to dry your laundry at the cost of being less energy-efficient. [Whirlpool]


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