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Who Is Wall-E's Secret Robot Friend?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Looks like Wall-E isn't the only robot that Pixar were thinking about over the last few months; with the release of Wall-E at the end of this week, fans are already wondering about the mysterious DVD-only bonus companion to the movie, which may or may not be called Burn-E.

When /Film had spoken to Wall-E director Andrew Stanton last week, he let slip that the animation house was working on... something for the eventual DVD and Blu-Ray release of Wall-E:

There is going to be a sci-fi short that is very connected to Wall-E. We were very conscious of making sure this was produced at the same time as the film. And I think that everyone will be pleasantly pleased.


According to Pixar fansite Upcoming Pixar, the pleasantly pleasing short will focus on another lone robot with a surprisingly human-sounding name. Their source was a musician who'd worked on the soundtrack to Wall-E who'd just finished working on this new feature:

Though the scoring to Wall-E finished the end of April, we went back today (Wed) to record music for a small little short that'll be an extra on the Wall-E DVD when it comes out. The short is called "Burn-E" and is about a robot named… you guessed it… Burn-E. Music was by JAC Redford (orchestrator on "Wall-E") and though I didn't catch the director's name, he came out at the end to say hi.


It'll have to go some to beat Your Friend The Rat, admittedly, but Pixar hasn't let us down yet...

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