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The icePod holds no songs, nor will it play back video. But I dare say that it's the sweetest icePod yet.


Now I can't speak for everyone here, but frankly, I'm a little sick of Apple's incremental iPod updates. Luckily for me, there's still a bit of crazy, no-holds-barred ingenuity in the world—and that ingenuity can be found in the labs of Norwegian ice cream maker Henning Olsen.

Not only is their take on the iPod Classic made of chocolate and ice cream—I'm sorry, that should read "CHOCOLATE AND ICE CREAM!!!"—but each bar will come with a free song from a Norwegian artist.


Now Apple, I'm not sure that these little icePods of heaven are formally licensed. But mark my words, if you take down a poor, defenseless icePod manufacturer who wants to do nothing more than use your IP for delicious commercial gain, you'd better come out with an icePod Chocolate of your own. And I'm not talking about just painting a nano brown, buddy. [Dagbladet via TUAW]

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