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Whoa, this biker looks like he's trapped inside a video game level

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What a tricky mind trip. Though it looks like this fixed gear biker is playing a video game or stuck inside a M.C. Escher drawing or a part of an optical illusion, he's actually riding on a real bike course made with real ramps and doing real jumps. It just looks crazy from our perspective

Red Bull played up the video game aspect, saying:

Fixed gear rider Josh Boothby rides into an alternate dimension, where his fixed gear skills are put to the test on a highly technical bike course. With the boss looming around every corner, Josh must navigate his way through the bike maze and survive the challenging levels to make it back to his own world in time to ride another day!


If you stick around watching the video long enough, you'll see that the bike course is expertly painted in red and gray to squeeze the juice out of our eyeballs and tickle our brain wrinkles. Switching the angle would ruin the entire effect. Cool.

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