Why Back to the Future's Ending Is Actually Horrifying

There's no better time to revisit Back to the Future than in the wake of its 25th anniversary. And when you give the original another look, it's important to keep in mind that its ending is several shades of horrifying.


This youth-shattering video originally popped up in July, but no one's managed to explain to me since then: what did happen to Biff? Someone, please, take me back to a future where the stuff hasn't been pointed out. [Cracked]


It's not near as bad as Hot Tub Time Machine, though (I can't remember if this video pointed that at as well, don't have sound at the moment). I remember watching the end of that movie and thinking "What ... the fuck? So the main guy now has a brand new wife who is apparently awesome, but he has absolutely no memories with her other than a single night 20-30 years ago. That is macabre."