Why Is Amazon Packaging So Dumb Sometimes?

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We've all had it happen to us: order a small item from Amazon, only to have it arrive in what seems to be the world's biggest box. What gives, Bezos?


Redditor V_for_VinceVega posted this picture of the packaging that surrounded a battery. A single battery. Of course, the warehouse could have run out of appropriate packaging, but when your business is sending parcels to people, that shouldn't happen. Or maybe it's some kind of game played by the folks that parcel up products to see who can send out the most ridiculously packaged item. Either way, it's dumb. Do you guys have any theories? [Reddit]



Bigger question: why are people so freakin' lazy that they would rather wait for something as trivial to buy as a camera battery to be shipped rather than going to a store and actually getting one?